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On Faith and Sexuality


On Faith and Sexuality

Jonathan Grant

Image by  Jill Devries  // Styled by  Jamie Skriba

Image by Jill Devries // Styled by Jamie Skriba

We have a lot of work to do in our efforts to craft a Church that genuinely protects and works for the good of humanity. One of the huge areas of pain and rejection within faith communities has been human sexuality. Here are a few resources to help guide your exploration and discussion of LGBTQ inclusion:

The Body’s Grace Rowan Williams - A stunning exploration of human sexuality by perhaps the world’s greatest living theologian. (PDF)

Jason Adam Miller - A profound and tender outline of the debate with perspectives from multiple sides. (Podcast)

Kathy Baldock- Untangling the Mess - In a 2-part lecture, Kathy charts the historical shift in how human sexuality has been perceived throughout time and how that shift has affected the conversation within the Church. (Below)

Jarrell Wilson preaching at the Reformation Project Conference in Chicago on the ways in which the sacraments centre the marginalised. (Below)

Tony Campolo at The American Church in Paris - An Evengelical theologian who has been outspoken in debates against affirming theology, Tony charts for us his shift towards affirming theology, and why he firmly embraces homosexual christians. This is perhaps the best lecture I have found on this topic. (Below)

A Generous Orthodoxy - Malcolm Gladwell's gracious take on how our beliefs interact with the lives around us. (Podcast)

Pastor Danny Cortez- A gracious sermon outlining a solid scriptural perspective. (Below)

Wendell Berry on Gay Marriage - Perhaps the most traditional and community-oriented man in America today, Berry discusses his change of heart and policy. (Below)

The Liturgists Podcast LGBTQ - Beautiful and gentle stories from many different perspectives. (Podcast)

Matthew Vines Transcript - Not a theological treatise, but it still gives a good overview of affirming theology. (Below)


Queer Virtue - Rev. Elizabeth Edman

Building a Bridge - James Martin, SJ

Take This Bread - Sara Miles

God and the Gay Christian - Matthew Vines

Walking the Bridgeless Canyon - Kathy Baldock

On Spiritual Friendship (12th century) - Aelred of Rievaulx

The Man Jesus Loved - Theodore Jennings

I will try to keep this updated, but feel free to add more links in the comments! 



… and the the fantastic theology above, I will add a bit about my journey: