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717 South 32nd Street
River Park, IN, 46615
United States



My Ministry is overseen by a dedicated board of advisors, a prayer team, and a network of partners who have committed to funding and praying for this work. If you are interested in partnering with us, feel free to contact us for more information. It would be an honour to have you join our team! 

I would love to worship with your faith community as well! Together we could dream up ways to engage the creatives on the fringes of your congregation, we could innovate a visual identity for your physical space, or craft new liturgies. My role is to listen and help create space for your congregation to explore their faith through the arts. 


St. Paul's, Mishawaka // The American Church in Paris  //  St. Gregory's Abbey, Three Rivers  //  Church On Morgan, Raleigh //  Grace Episcopal, Traverse City  //  Edenton St UMC, Raleigh  //  River Park Grace, South Bend  //  South Bend Catholic Worker Community  // Our Lady of the Road - Chapel of the Holy Spirit // Lisvane Baptist Church // South Bend City Church // ESMC South-East Table // Living Faith Baptist Fellowship // Saint Thomas Aquinas, Paris // The American Cathedral, Paris // The American Cathedral, Paris // Church of the Ascension, Chicago //


Some of these folks contribute with monthly or one-time or per-project financial support. Others help me plan and dream. This is the crew that collaborates with me and shares the same vision for the future of the Church. They are such an encouragement and source of strength.

Hannah Persson // Lauren Trapp // Tessa Linette Pauls // Becca and Matt Grabner // Donna Viers // Katie Emmons // Ophelia Emmons // Kristen Reynolds-Donaldson // Mae Stier // Angela Josephine + Joe Karbowski // Mara Diane // Edith Hwang // Rainee and Dan Erwin // George and Heather Jemison // Manda Harris // Barbara Ingraham  // Jude and Dale Keltner // David and Christy Vosburg // Shea Petaja // Tyler and Ruth Tate // Jill Devries // Rosemary Hagan // Jillian Speece // Devon Graves // Lindsay Hans Peek // Manda Harris // Matthew Stackowicz // Mara Diane // Janelle Pauls // Kelsey Klingenfus-Birdwhistle // Michael and Kara George // Jason Adam Miller // Shannon Sigler // Lauren Liggett // Danielle Krull // Lorraine + Dan Erwin // 

Board of Advisors: 

Rev. Lisa Yebuah // Jan Hettinga Deters // Rev. Michelle Wahila 

Interested in Partnering financially? 

There are three ways to do that! 

You can partner on a  per-project basis at my PATREON PAGE

You can partner on a monthly basis below. 

... and you can give a one-time gift with the link down below that. 

One Time Gift

Finances received through Grant At Church go to fund my work with Churches and Artists and the LGBTQ community. My personal expenses are currently funded through my role as social media manager for Bishop Anderson House. Some of the expenses covered by your generous support include travel expenses to and from churches and hospitality-related expenses. If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out. I am also happy to connect you with a board member or another partner who contributes financially.