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717 South 32nd Street
River Park, IN, 46615
United States

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MY GREAT PASSION IS TO HELP CHURCHES INNOVATE, DREAM, AND MAKE SPACE FOR the creative community and THose on THE margins. I am especially interested in empowering those folks to reimagine the church and empowering them to do so.

My projects lately center around helping LGBTQ christians “future” a fresh, queer aesthetic for inclusive faith communities. I also provide spiritual care for the nomadic creative community as well as my peers in the fashion industry.


U.C. Berkeley                     Course work in Art History and Archaeology          (2006)

Indiana University              Course work in Fine Art                                            (2009)

Asbury University               B.A. in History with emphasis in Public Relations    (2012)


Grace Episcopal Church              (Autumn 2011)

Have Company                            (Autumn 2013)

Break Art’Mix, Paris                      (Spring 2014)

The American Church in Paris     (Autumn 2013, Autumn 2014, Winter 2015 to 2017, 2019)


Lisvane Baptist Church, Cardiff                     Youth Leadership Intern            (2004)

The Glasshouse Museum, Nasholim            Archaeology Student Intern      (2006)

La Fonderie, Paris                                          Ministry / Gallery Intern              (2008)

Urban Village Church, Chicago                    Arts-in-Ministry Intern                  (2017/2018)


Visualizing the Crusades      Asbury University                (Curator, Autumn 2007)

12 Local Artists Present         High Street House              (Curator, 2008)

Sacred Folk                           Healing River Center          (Solo, Autumn 2010)

Art and Social Justice           Colfax Art Centre                (Juried, Summer 2013)

The Mighty Miniature            Michigan Artists Gallery      (Juried, Autumn 2013)

Advent Show                         Le Pave d’Orsay                 (Juried, December 2015)

Winter Scenes                       Make South Bend              (Solo, Spring 2017) 

PAINTING Commission

St. Paul's Episcopal Church         Maundy Thursday Altarpiece    (2010)

St. Paul's Episcopal Church         Stations of Advent                      (2011)

The Prairie Building                     Entry Hall Mural                          (2011)

Grace Episcopal Church             Stations of Advent                      (2012)

Little Jessi Dills                            The Milk Truck                            (2014)            

The Well, River Park                     Children's Space Mural             (2015)    

The American Church in Paris    The Outsiders Altarpiece           (2016) 

The Well, River Park                     The World Sublime, Mural         (2017) 

Guest Lecture

Moody Bible Institute - Studio Photography Practice                                          (April 2015)

Bethel College - Concepts in Aestethics and Theology                                     (March 2017)

Asbury University - French Cultural Adaptation                                                   (September 2014)

Bethel College  - Art and Faith                                                                              (November 2017)

Indiana University South Bend Center for a Sustainable Future                          (February 2018)

Open City Project - Engaging the imaginations of Faith Communities                (March 2018)

Urban Village Church - On Memory                                                                      (March 2018)

Riverside Church, NYC (Lenten Podcast) (March 2019)

Conferences + Workshops

Christian Community Development Association                                                 (2017)

The Reformation Project Conference                                                                  (2017)

Sustainability and Innovation Lecture Series - Indiana University - Panelist      (2018)

Ascend Transformational Leadership Retreat                                                     (2018)

Evangelism Matters Conference - Diocesan Representative                             (2018)

Foundation for Theological Exploration Leadership Discernment Retreat        (2018)

Christian Community Development Association                                                 (2018)

The Reformation Project Conference                                                                  (2018)


Bethel College, Career and Calling Podcast

Act of Isms Podcast - Tribalism and LGBTQ Inclusion in the Church

With The Fresh Exchange

With Common Table Co. 

With Ryan Gilles

Artistic Direction

Caras Magazine                 Photo Editorial (Print Only) 

Moda Cosas                       Photo Editorial (Print Only) 

The Fresh Exchange          Photo Editorial (Multiple) 

Clyde Oak                          Brand Launch Campaign

Everpurse                           Brand Launch Campaign 

Visit South Bend                 Instagram Takeover

Folk Magazine                    Pinterest Takeover    

Neostyle Magazine            Photo Editorial (First, Second

Cuss Brand                         Brand Launch Campaign

Juan Studio                          Campaign Video

Published Essay

NM3 Magazine                             A Short Guide to Buying Art (Print Only) 

Hello Mr.                                        Wanderings (Print Only)

Hello Mr.                                        Relatively Close (Print Only) 

The Fresh Exchange                     Grant’s Manly Nine (Series) 

Visit South Bend Mishawaka        City Adventures (Series) 

Design Sponge                             Paris City Guide


Banana Republic                        Sales Associate                          (2001-2007)

Camp Selah                                Lifeguard / Core Staff                (2004) 

                                                    Counsellor                                 (2005)

                                                    Head Lifeguard / Core Staff      (2007)

                                                    Head Lifeguard / Core Staff      (2008)

                                                    Head Lifeguard / Core Staff      (2009) 

Asbury University                      Public Relations Assistant          (2005 - 2006)

Le Pave D'Orsay Gallery           Gallery Assistant                         (2008)

Anne Tower Gallery                  Gallery Associate                        (2008)

University of Notre Dame        Teachers Assistant / Lifeguard    (2009 / 2010)

Ella’s Boutique                          Menswear Buyer and Stylist       (2011 - 2012)

Michigan Artists Gallery           Consultant                                   (2012)

Asbury University, Paris            Program Assistant                      (2014 - 2016)

South Bend Museum of Art      Retail Manager                           (2017) 

Bishop Anderson House Director of Social Media and Branding (2018)


Numerous small gatherings including concerts, dinners, gallery openings, parties, and Picnics

Monthly Vernissage                           Le Pave d’Orsay                             (2008)

Thurber Thursday Concert Series    The American Church in Paris        (2014)

Cultural Appropriation Summit          The Museum of Arts and Design   (2014)

Young Artists Week                            Paris                                                (2013, 2015)

Social Media Workshop Series          South Bend Museum of Art           (2015)

Art and Faith Retreat                          St. Gregory’s Abbey                       (2011-2019)

Assorted Workshops                         Urban Village Church                     (2018)